California Athletics Physical Education Workshop

The California Athletics Physical Education (CAPE) workshop promotes interest in professional advancement for Physical Educators at the Elementary and Secondary levels. Through a comprehensive curriculum, the workshop provides opportunities for professional development in the areas of Physical Education, Health, Recreation and Dance.

2023 Calendar*

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*calendar subject to change

Sunday 7/9
10:30am-12:30pm 1:15-2:45pm 3:00-4:00pm 4:15-6:30pm 6:45-10:00pm
Conference & Housing Check-in Welcome / Orientation IN It to Win It Together Team Building Bunco Social

Monday 7/10 Tuesday 7/11 Wednesday 7/12 Thursday 7/13 Friday 7/14 Saturday 7/15
6:00am-7:00am Beach Walk
Morning Workout
Beach Walk
Morning Workout
Beach Walk
Morning Workout
Beach Walk
Morning Workout
Beach Walk
Morning Workout
7:00am-8:15am Yoga
Partner Dances
Partner Dance
Hike "P"
Street Racket Cert. 3
Check Out
CAPE Planning 2024
International Games
CAPE Wrap Up
8:30am-9:45am Tennis in PE
Line Dances
Large Group Games
Line Dance
Building a High School Program
Street Racket Cert. 4
10:00am-11:15am DEI
Ninja Warrior on the Move
Tennis in PE
Street Racket Cert. 1
Sports Performance for All Ages
"Live" Lessons for the DRIVE
Sports Performance
12:30pm-1:45pm Tennis in PE
Multicultural Dance
Large Group Games
Tennis in PE
Golf Scramble Tee times:
Creating a Program
Cal Poly Recruitment
2:00pm-3:15pm DEI
OPEN to the Joy of Moving
Multicultural Dance
Street Racket Cert. 2
Bishop Peak
Building a High School Program
3:30pm-5:30pm Ultimate Frisbee Tourney Tennis Tourney Sand Volleyball Tourney Innertube Water Polo Tourney
6:00pm-9:00pm BBQ Social Bonfire
Grover Beach
Casino Night
Theme: Speakeasy
SLO Market & Scavenger Hunt


Professional Development
7 CEU's
6 CEU's
5 CEU's
4 CEU's
3 CEU's
2 CEU's
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A transcript is available for a $15 fee / Clock hour are available for various states

  • The PE workshop conference has made a huge difference! I have used most of the cooperative games and the kids loved nearly all of them! The secretary at my school has noticed a big change in our department, and is going to advocate for us to go again! Can't wait!

    Emily Reynolds,
    Rancho Medanas Jr. High, Pittsburg, CA
  • This workshop has helped shape my teaching style, my approach to today's children, and most of all my outlook on life. I have been attending for years and still walk away with a wealth of new knowledge and skills to be a better Physical Education teacher!

    Jean Lamson
    LaEntrada Middle School, Menlo Park, CA
  • I'm now nine weeks into the school year and I've had more fun teaching Physical Education this year than any other year. Not only was the PE workshop great fun, but it has far exceeded most of the workshops I have attended in any subject as far as what I actually use upon returning to school.

    Colleen Pelfrey
    Live Oak Middle School, Live Oak, CA
  • Many of the activities, ideas, and philosophies that are incorporated into my Physical Education classes are a result of attending and participating at the California Physical Education Workshop! Thanks CPEW!

    Jana Sanchez
    Dana Middle School, Arcadia, CA
  • Fantastic instructors, fabulous facilities and great people!

    Jessee Naylor
    Wellness Coach, Enlo Hospital, Chico, CA
  • I have attended CPEW multiple times, and every year I learn something new, I meet the most amazing physical educators and get even more inspired than I did the year before. I have attended other PE conferences and hands down nothing compares! The only way to explain it is to live it! It's one you shouldn't miss in your career.

    Kazy Gutierrez
    Fresno Unified School District

Find the answers to some of your questions here. Contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

Why Come to the Workshop?

Q: Who is the CAPE Workshop for?

For Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers
Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo

Q: What are the dates of the workshop?

July 9-15, 2023

Q: Can I get professional credit from this workshop?

Participants have the options of purchasing 1-7 Continuing Education Units. One CEU = 10 contact hours of participation in organized continuing education/training experience under responsible, qualified direction and instruction (definition of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training – IACET)
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are based on the number of sixty-minute contact hours for a course or program. (Example: If a course or program meets ten contact hours, one CEU will be awarded.) To receive CEUs, a participant must be present for the entire course or program.

Earned CEUs may be useful in maintaining certification or licensure. They may also document continuing professional education for an employer, association, or credentialing agency. School districts convert CEU's however they need to. Check your contract and/or your district's policy on CEUs before registering. Our experience is that different district's handle CEUs differently. Some do not accept them at all, some give full credit for them, and some treat the CEUs like quarter units, and give you credit for 2/3 of the CEUs you earn. For example, 8 CEUs would equal 5 1/3 units on your salary schedule. Please check beforehand. Cal Poly Extended Education maintains a record of the CEUs participants have earned through programs and courses approved for CEUs.

CEUs will not be awarded retroactively. Registration for CEUs must occur at the time of the program.

CEUs are for non-credit courses or programs. They cannot be converted to quarter or semester hour credit and they cannot be applied to degree programs.

Q: Why participate in the Workshop?

The Workshop provides you with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities to increase your effectiveness as teachers of health, physical education, recreation and dance. The primary function of each class is to review successful instructional methods and to present new and different approaches to teaching. There will be many new opportunities for stimulating discussions and sharing of ideas. Participants of the Workshop are teachers and coaches, from elementary through university level, interested in individual and professional advancement in physical education and related areas.


Q: What is the 7-Day Registration fee?
HOUSING Participants: $855.00
- Includes: Workshop Registration, Meals, Parking Permit, and T-Shirt
NON-HOUSING Participants: $930.00
Fees may be paid online with any major credit card.
Q: Possible additional fees?

Check book or cash for Silent Auction (Monday), Casino Night chips and drink tickets (Wednesday), and the Golf Scramble (Friday).

Q: What are the housing fees?

HOUSING PRICES: (Up to 4 people in a shared apartment)
6 NIGHTS = $727.50 (Individual Room w/in Apartment)
*Additional nights stays are available at $113.25/night
*You can reserve these additional nights when you register.


Q: What time is registration?

Check-in will be: Sunday, July 9th from 10:30am-12:30pm

Q: What will you need for registration?

For registration (upon arrival) you will need:
1) Your preferred method of payment - CREDIT CARD ONLY for university fee
2) Knowledge of your district's policy for Professional Credits
3) Check book or cash for Silent Auction (Monday), Casino Night chips and drink ticket (Wednesday), and the Golf Scramble (Friday).

Q: What if I need to register early?

Unfortunately due to new policies at the University we are not able to accommodate for early arrivals and registration. Please plan accordingly to arrive between the hours of check-in on Sunday July 9th from 10:30am-12:30pm.

Q: What if I need to register late?

Unfortunately due to new policies at the University we are not able to accommodate for late arrivals and registration. Please plan accordingly to arrive between the hours of check-in on Sunday July 9th from 10:30am-12:30pm.


Q: What does housing include?

Housing location will be in POLY CANYON VILLAGE on Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Campus.

Rates Include:
· Accommodation in a shared apartment with a kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom and common living area.
· Full registration services including conference and housing check-in and check-out
· Campus Parking
· Recreation equipment check-out
· Linen package
· Meeting space within the residence hall
· Conference signage

Q: How will housing be assigned?

On-campus Workshoppers, Staff and Committee members will be housed in the University residence halls. You will find that dorm living is an asset to your enjoyment of the Workshop, although workshoppers may reside on or off campus. Non registered-overnight-guests of workshoppers must pay for their own housing and ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND Workshop activities. Individual apartments will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis based on registration. If you have a roommate preference, plan to make that note on the registration site during your booking. A $25 service fee will be applied to any changes in your housing assignment once you have checked in.


Q: What purpose does the name tag serve?

Your name tag helps you to become acquainted with other workshoppers and will admit you to facilities AND CLASSES. You will not be admitted to meals and other facilities on campus without your name tag. There is a fee of $5 for lost name tags. Please wear your name tag to all workshop functions.

Q: When are announcements made?

All announcements are made during lunch. If you have a special announcement, please see the director or assistant director.

Q: What should you bring?

Bedspread, bulletin board materials, clock radio, clothes hangers, coffee mug, cooler, computer, desk lamp, robe, iron, laundry soap, quarters, decorations, soap/shampoo, and any other comforts of home.

Dance and exercise routines, music, software, teaching aids, notebooks, and a lot of ideas, videos, and anything else you would like to share.

Beach chair, beach towel, bicycle, boogie board, wetsuit, softball glove, clipboard, body boarding fins, golf clubs, video camera, camera, musical instrument, radio, kayak, paddle board, costumes, swim suit, iPod, running shoes, compression pants or sleeves ☺. Appropriate shoes must be worn in the recreation center and gym.

Casual sport clothing may be worn for meals. Bring appropriate clothing for an active week, as well as clothing for weekend activities such as golf, bicycling, tennis, dinner, swimming, dancing, etc. BRING WARM CLOTHING for the early morning and nights as it may be foggy and/or cool.

Special Events and Tournaments have been organized by our Tournament Committee for you to enjoy. We urge you to participate as they have been created to serve as examples for your own program. They are planned to create a friendly, competitive atmosphere regardless of skill level.

Much of the sporting equipment needed for tournaments will be supplied by the University. Bring whatever personal equipment you might want to use.

Q: What other special events are happening?

Casino Night, Night on the Town, and Country Line Dancing at the Grad.

Q: Am I responsible for lost keys?

Lock your door and take your key when leaving your room. Your room key fee and core change fee of $100. ATM machines are located in the plaza area of the University Union.

Q: Is alcohol prohibited?

ALCHOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED ON CAMPUS. Please do not abuse this University rule, and jeopardize the future Workshops at Cal Poly. There is no smoking in public buildings in SLO.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

Cal Poly prohibits pets from being kept in the dorms or left in recreational vehicles parked in the parking lot. Occupancy of recreational vehicles on campus is prohibited. Special R.V. storage may be allowed with arrangements made at least fifteen working days in advance. If you wish to bring your pet, kennel reservations are recommended.

V-2 Ranch, York Mtn. Rd., Templeton (805) 238-1896
Caponco Kennel, Rt. 2, Box 437, S.L.O. (805) 772-2887

Q: When are quiet hours?

10:00p.m.-7:00a.m. Please do not use the laundry rooms after 10:00 p.m.
Laundry rooms are located on the first floor of each dorm.

Q: Who is the planning committee?

The planning for each year's workshop is done by the Director Elect, Assistant Director Elect, and a committee composed of volunteer workshop members. All workshoppers are eligible and encouraged to be a member of the Planning Committee.